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   The Solar Powered Fountain Is The Perfect Feature For Your Garden .

Our solar fountain pump will bring much fun and vitality for your garden, bird bath, swimming pool, fish tank, aquarium and so on.

The Epic Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Fountain -

Carefully designed to match a wide variety of birdbath finishes, this lovely solar garden fountain includes 4 different fountain heads that alter the style and pattern of the water as it sprays out of the top of the fountain. Enjoy the soothing, tranquil sounds of running water and take delight in the pleasure it gives to your feathered friends.
Solar Powered Fountain Pump

The Solar Powered Bird Bath is Smart, eco-friendly and cool. It can be used anywhere and it runs on solar power contributing to create a greener and healthier planet. This also means that there's no maintenance, ugly wires or time consuming set up. This makes it the perfect decorative accessory for any backyard, garden or home this Spring and Summer! 

The Epic Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Fountain -

This Floating solar pump can turn any pool of standing water into a fountain .

Give birds a place to drink and wash , not only can you enjoy the gentle trickle and soft lighting of this water feature , but bird can too.


Easy to use - Simply place the solar panel under the sunlight to automatically start getting power and pumping water. No wires or tools required!

Float or Submerge Feature - You can either let this device float on the fountain or submerge on it for a subtle flow of water look.

Invite all kinds of birds to your yard with this beautiful Solar Powered Fountain.

Package Includes:

1 * Solar Fountain
1 * Accessories Box


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