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  Listed for love "pen" heart, wisdom "paint", as a good helper for parents and a good partner for children's painting.

The kids’ pictures drawing robot is a high technique. Besides, it can be an excellent educational gift for your kids.

Easy to master

Firstly, this drawing robot can help parents and a good partner for children’s painting. It can look at patterns with its big eyes and then using the pen to draw a picture on the paper. You can follow the guide paper, and it’s straightforward to learn. We provide different little cards of painting themes, which are fun and interesting. Kids can learn to draw pictures from simple to complex. With this interesting guide, kids would improve their basic drawing skills and keep making progress.

Be a good teacher

If you want to guide your kids on how to paint but are not good at painting, this kind of drawing robot is really suitable. You can then just sit near your kids and this robot, letting your kids draw after the drawing robot. Just kidding, maybe this robot’s drawing ability is better than you. But don’t worry about it, you can also learn to paint step by step. This drawing robot can make painting easier and provide a professional teaching system for kids to learn. Plus, it’s a good educational toy for kids to let them learn painting. Also, kids can learn related painting skills and knowledge from this robot.

High-quality material and good design

This drawing robot is durable. And we can make sure that the strong suction chassis will not fall. Besides, the bottom of this robot is soft, and it can effectively protect the robot when it accidentally falls. Also, we use high-quality materials to design this robot and painted it a light green color. The appearance is beautiful for your kids. So buy this toy for your kids, it’s really a good gift.

About Product 

  Weight: 516 g
  Dimensions: 153 X 105 mm
  Power: 5V2A
  Working time: 5.5 hours
  Battery: 2600mah
  Material: ABS environmental protection plastic

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