Car Air Purifier

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Portable Car Air Purifier Hepa Filter Ionization 

High-Efficiency Particulate Air

  • Anti Ncov, & other viruses.
  • Remove PM2.5
  • Remove Methanal.
  • Deodorized your car.
  • Kills Germ and Bacteria .
  • Real time feedback on air quality.
  • Remove odors from your car in few days.
  • Replaceable Compound Filter.
  • Compound FIlter can last for 4-5 Months.

 Features & Benefits:
     .HEPA– High-Efficiency Particulate Air with Acticarbon Filter.
     .Purifying Efficiency 99.9%
     .Applicable Area: 4-10 Sqm.
     .Replaceable HEPA Filter can last up to 4-5mos.
     .Replacement HEPA Filter Can be Order separately

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