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           Get The Best Night's Sleep In Any Position And On Any Surface  

Luckily, we've created the portable inflatable sleeping mattress for outdoor enthusiasts.

One of our customers' favorite features of this mat is the fact that it is as small as a coke bottle when it's folded and stored in its carrying bag. Nothing is worse than a bulky sleeping mattress swinging around on the side as you walk.


Our Sleeping Pad provides you the most comfortable sleeping experience when camping, trekking, hiking, or any outdoor activities. With its design of 144 air cells and 3 chambers, this mattress is lightweight, portable, and incredibly compact for storage. It inflates within seconds with just a few breaths and deflates to fit inside of your backpack.

A sleeping pad is highly recommended when camping. It provides comfort and insulation from the ground without it you may feel cold and uncomfortable during winter and it can be used as an alternative for cots and hammocks if you feel like camping and still get a good night sleep just like sleeping in a real bed.

To say the least the Sleeping Pad offers these valuable benefits: 

1. General comfort from the ground (rocks and roots)

2. Prevent heat loss through conduction

3. Comfort and Relaxation wherever you go

4. It's Ultra Light! 


You don't have to go on an overnight camping trip to enjoy the comfort and portability of our Inflatable Sleeping Mattress  You may use it on different occasions and activities. 


Hiking :

 During a hiking trip it's always better to have more than to have less, the only problem is how much can you carry? because our sleep pad weighs at around 500g you can definitely pack more!

Beach & Picnics :

 When we hear the word "beach" and "picnics" it's almost synonymous to laying down on a towel or sitting on a blanket. The problem is towels and blankets are not made for those activities we just didn't have anything that will protect us from the hot sand or pointy grass and we definitely can't bring a cot or a hammock to the beach or a park casually. Good thing we now have the Inflatable Sleeping Mattress  it's light and small when deflated.

Road Trips 

Have you ever had to drive for 8 to 12 hours straight and mid-way you started to feel sleepy and decided to pull-over and take a nap? Did you manage to get a sleep? Did you recover from the fatigue? 

We bet the answer is a big NO, sleeping in a car is one of the most uncomfortable place to sleep, the seats have all those awkward bumps and ergonomics that only benefit you when you are sitting. 

Unlike our Sleeping Mattress it is made to give the maximum comfort so you'll never miss your bed at home.


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